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Preschool Application

Apply Now!

Complete the form below to apply for the 2020-2021 school year. We'll be in touch within 48 hours of receiving your application. 


The Why

At GAP's preschool, we provide a natural space for our students to learn through play, community building, problem solving, and exploration of the natural world. Our curriculum is inspired by our immediate surroundings and led by the interests of the students and their natural inquisitiveness. We want to encourage learners to ask questions, and then help them discover the answers. Learning at preschool is about developing necessary skills, to help them become more confident, independent, observant, and aware. Learners are given ample free time and opportunities to learn how to work with others, communicate their desires and start to listen and empathize. In a community built with trust and respect, Educators guide on the side, giving our Learners a safe space to practice navigating social situations within a nurturing environment.


Our Learners

GAP's preschool is comprised of Learners ages 3-5 who are bathroom independent, like to be outside, and enjoy using their minds and bodies for learning. 



Daily Flow

Preschool aligns with the GAP School calendar and schedule. Our daily flow follows the rhythm of our Learners and includes a rest period each afternoon.



2021-2022 tuition options

Forest School: $14,000

Early Drop: $1,000

After School: $2,750


Our School

Green Adventure Project is located on the beautiful 38 acres of Triple C Camp. Our Forest School Learners have their own space to play and explore.

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