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Mural Sponsorship

Sponsor a Virginia Species

Support GAP School by sponsoring a species in our teaching mural displayed in the NEST (Nature, Environment, Science & Technology Education Center) at our location at Triple C Camp.

Every species plays a unique role in the ecosystem's food chain. These roles, called trophic levels, organize organisms based on what they eat and how energy moves through the ecosystem. Each level is vital for keeping nature in harmony and for comprehending how ecosystems function.


Sponsorship for the 2024-2025 school year includes:

  • The option to name sponsored species

  • Certificate of sponsorship

  • Appreciation of sponsorship with an onsite visual display

Support our scholarship fund or general fund by sponsoring one or more species from various trophic levels.

2. Herbivore Level - $250

4. Tertiary Consumer Level - $750

5. Keystone Species Level - $1,500

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