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Project Based Learning

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Project Based Learning

Imagine. Plan. Accomplish. Learn. 

Our school year is broken down into units. Each unit is presented in the form of a guiding question, for example: What is the history of the Blue Ridge Mountains? We then ask our Learners to brainstorm what questions they have. Based on the questions our Learners generate, our Educators then guide the curriculum to meet those interests. Each day when our Learners participate in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Projects, and Knowledge Seekers they will play an active role in their learning.

During Maker Days Learners will spend time working on self-identified projects. We'll start the school year demonstrating the process of a project from creation to implementation. Through this process our Learners will work up to being responsible for all project management from development to implementation. The project steps include: 

  • Project proposal (goals, plans, budget) created with the help of our Learners and Educators

  • Project approval 

  • Supply purchasing & scheduling special guests

  • Implementing the project plan

  • Test & retest where applicable

  • Project presentation

Here are some examples of guiding questions in past GAP School units:

  • How do we want our school to look, sound, and feel?

  • What is the history of the Blue Ridge Mountains?

  • How do we start a GAP store?

  • How do we create a GAP olympics?

  • How do we create a library?

  • How do we create a GAP spring festival?

  • How do different cultures prepare for winter

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