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Our Story

Where we've been:

  • ​We currently welcome 60 Learners from 43 families to school each day. 

  • Our twelve incredible Educators have joined us from across the country to support the unique vision of GAP School. 

  • In 2023 GAP School became accredited through the Middle States Association

What we've learned:

  • As a project-based school, GAP School is our biggest project. We are constantly looking for new ideas to enrich the experience of a GAP Learner. 

  • Kids learn in all different ways, helping to inspire them, give them tools to be successful, and the space to make mistakes is vital in developing knowledge seeking identities. 

Fundraising Goals

  • Financial Assistance: we currently have more families request financial assistance than funds to offer. Gifts made towards financial assistance will directly benefit families requesting support.

  • Library: In our second year of GAP we converted a bus into a library. We learned a lot in the process. Gifts made towards the library will be used to improve shelving, add solar panels for lighting & year round temperature control, and continuing to establish a well rounded library for our Learners. 

  • Master Makers: We have a lot of big ideas at GAP School. A Master Maker program will support bringing experts into school for a day or more to share their knowledge directly with our Learners. 

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