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The 100th Day at GAP School

This past Thursday we celebrated the 100th day of our school year with a GAP School extravaganza. We spent the morning participating in a series of 100 themed activities. This year, we read 100 books, created food webs with 100 connections, explored images of life from 100 years ago, had a 100 "golden rock" scavenger hunt in the playscape, and played the newest game show: "Is it 100?".

While the 100th day extravaganza is always an opportunity to have fun with unique learning experiences, what's equally as important is celebrating the learning journey. Yes, 100 is an exciting milestone, but reflecting on our growth from the previous 99 days is the biggest achievement. As we kicked off our extravaganza we asked Learners to think about how they have changed in the last 100 school days. What was a challenge and now feels easier? What areas in math do you feel more confident? How have you grown as a reader or writer? What a great opportunity to reflect on how much we have grown!

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