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Learner Led Rubik’s Cube CYOA

One day on vacation, I got really bored. I eagerly searched on youtube “how to solve a Rubik's cube.” I tried and tried and then I solved it! It felt great. So then, I brought this hobby to school.                                                                                                                 

I wanted to ask if I could lead my own Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA), a CYOA might be known as an elective at other schools. Usually led by an educator, it’s a special class on Fridays, like a learning smorgasbord, where we get to practice something we’re passionate about. I made a proposal to show how a Rubik’s cube IS learning. Then I got a sponsor, Kyle, our math teacher, to help me run it.

At first, I thought of showing an hour long video about the history of Rubik's cubes. I altered my plan and instead taught them from my own experience and knowledge. This CYOA went super well because there were two kids who already could solve a Rubik’s cube. They helped me teach others. That was the most challenging part of being an educator, trying to help everyone all at once! “What does that mean?” was a question I got a lot. We had the most fun when their hard work paid off and the Learners solved it for the first time. After completing this challenge, Learners took a picture with their cube because they wanted to show off their talent. They felt proud!

At the end, I gave the Learners their own tiny Rubik’s cubes. “Yeah, my dog ate mine,” said one learner. Now more people know how to solve a Rubik’s cube because, as a GAP learner, I was allowed to lead my own Choose Your Own Adventure. I saw more and more people bringing Rubik’s cubes to GAP, too. I feel great seeing how I was able to inspire others!

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This is so cool!

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