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January at GAP School

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Blue Skinks & Red Dragons

English Language Arts

  • Learners pick new books each week to use for daily DEAR (drop everything and read) Time. Our Educators take turns each day reading with different Learners.

  • During ELA Learners read and write utilizing their Reader Response Journals.

  • Kindergarteners are reading poems about imagination. Ask your Kindergarten Learner about letter sounds and word families.

  • First graders have been reading Henry and Mudge and the Snowman Plan. Ask your first grader about glued sounds and suffixes (plural, past tense, comparative/superlative).

  • Second graders are reading Frindle. Ask your second graders about vowel teams, magic e, and suffixes (-ful, -less, -ment, -ness, -ish, -en, -able).


  • We expanded our minds by exploring the solar system in January. We made a giant model of our solar system using measuring tape and planet beach balls. We learned the names of the planets and played asteroid tag!

  • Our second grade Learners became planet experts, deep diving into individual planets and presenting what they learned to their peers.

  • Our Kindergarten and first grade Learners practiced writing the planet names and other solar system vocabulary and discussed what makes each planet unique.

  • We LOVED all of the snow in January. In science we played tracking games and explored the stories of the tracks.



First Grade

Second Grade

Counting to 100

Identifying two-digit numbers as collections of tens and ones

Solving single and two step problems involving addition and subtraction using whole numbers up to 20. Depending on comfort level some learners are provided with problems that include adding and subtracting larger three and four-digit numbers to challenge themselves

Identifying missing numbers while counting to 100

Identifying place value with two-digit numbers

Identifying, creating and extending patterns

Finding numbers that come before & after randomly selected numbers

Solving single step addition and subtraction problems within 20 using various methods. Learners that are more comfortable are challenged with larger two-digit addition and subtraction problems

Using different methods to solve addition and subtraction problems such as traditional models as well as using expanded form

Single step addition within 10, and beyond for Learners looking for more challenges

Identifying, creating and extending patterns

Identifying place value for three-digit numbers and working with grouping and ungrouping (carryover/borrowing) to solve problems

Categorizing by size, shape, more & less


  • During January in projects we spent time collecting pine needles from trees and branches that fell during the early January winter storm. After collecting the pine needles, we learned how to put them together to make baskets.

  • Winter is a great time to learn about animal tracks. Seeing the tracks in the snow tells us the story of the animal involved. We can identify local animals, see where they are going as well as where they have been, and identify any challenges the animal faced.

  • We built an incredible igloo! During construction we were able to measure, discuss strength of shapes, and test different tools for cutting ice.

  • Maker Days are a favorite of our Learners. They are working hard to develop project proposals that are well thought out and attainable. Once a project proposal has been approved they are able to start creating. Utilizing the Design Process they are able to design, test, redesign, and retest until they are happy with their product.

Silver Arrows

  • We reacclimated to our surroundings, the weather, and one another.

  • The Silver Arrows took on the task of cleaning the future library bus in preparation for a new floor and shelves.

  • We used the bus space to read a play about Rosa Parks.

  • The Learners created mobiles to reflect on 2021 and think ahead to 2022. The mobiles were focused on the importance of goal setting.

  • We were able to explore the frozen classroom we enjoy daily. Ryan demonstrated ways to build igloos out of one of the strongest building materials, ice. We used tools like butter knives and machetes to remove large sheets of ice from the barn pasture. The colder temperature made this process easier, as the ice held together in larger sheets.

  • January Math Workshops: Practice Division Strategies (Long Division, Lucky 7, Partial Quotient) or 1-digit Multiplication with area models.

  • We have been writing our own GAP Blog posts about things that we think are important enough to share.

  • Our Learners are working to read different genres as they continue to discover new authors that inspire them to want to read.

In honor of the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, GAP school will begin the Olympics PBL. Silver Arrows will explore topics in Physical Science like force and motion, as well as the Scientific Method. Learners will unpack variables, controls, and methods to perform experiments. They will research statistics and data handling as we share experimental results, and also track the results of the 2022 Beijing Winter Games.

Choose Your Own Adventure

January Choose Your Own Adventures for the Blue Skins & Red Dragons included:

  • Scavenger Hunts with Emily & Kathleen

  • Dog-a-palooza with Tara

  • Nature Sculptures with Corrie

  • Build your own Board Games with Melissa

In January the Silver Arrows unanimously choose to stick together for Choose Your Own Adventures. They spent Friday mornings hiking, orienteering, and mapping the school property.

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