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Our Visit to the Elizabethan Kitchen

This week our Learners in the Silver and Emerald flocks traveled to the Elizabethan Kitchen in Scottsville. The goal of the field trip was to learn about cuisine during the Elizabethan era. Learners helped to prepare food by chopping, mixing, kneading dough, and cooking the meals in cast iron pans. At the end of the experience Learners shared in the feast.  On the menu: bread with jam, stew, macaroni and cheese, applesauce and fruit pie. Even the kitchen building was created as a reflection of the Elizabethan era. The structure had no nails, built only with pegs and a process called wattle and daub. When Learners were not in the Kitchen they participated in recreational games played during Elizabethan day such as Chess, Nine Man Morris and Bocce ball.

We are so grateful to Cat McGuire, GAP School board member, and Elizabethan Kitchen facilitator along with the rest of the facilitators from Gardener's Company for supporting the organization of this experience. As we are taking the time to explore how the world around us has changed over time, the trip provided a hands-on and tasty experience for our Learners to connect to the past. 

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