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Kindergarten at GAP School!

Updated: May 29

Welcome to our outdoor kindergarten classroom, where the sky is our ceiling, the trees our walls, and the earth our floor. Here, children embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and learning amidst the wonders of nature. Let’s take a peek into a typical day at our outdoor school, where every moment is an opportunity for growth and connection with the natural world.

As the sun peeks over the horizon, our day begins with a joyful gathering in our outdoor campfire circle. With the birds chirping in the background, we come together to greet each other, sing songs, and set intentions for the day ahead. This time fosters a sense of community and belonging, laying the foundation for a day filled with shared experiences and collaborative learning.

After our morning meeting, it’s time for exploration! Our outdoor classroom is filled with various stations designed to stimulate curiosity and engage the senses. From the mud kitchen, where children concoct imaginative recipes using natural materials, to the fairy garden, where they explore textures, scents, and colors, every corner offers an opportunity for hands-on learning. Whether it’s digging in the dirt, observing insects, or creating nature art, GAP Learners are encouraged to follow their interests and pursue their passions.

At GAP School, English, math, and science are not confined to textbooks or traditional classroom walls. Here, learning is alive and dynamic, influenced by the changing seasons and the natural wonders around us. This approach fosters a deeper understanding of academic content and also nurtures a lifelong respect and appreciation for the natural world.

Our outdoor classroom is a dynamic space that adapts to the ever-changing needs and interests of our students. Whether it’s building forts with fallen branches, constructing fairy houses with leaves and twigs, or engaging in dramatic play amidst the trees, children have the freedom to express themselves and unleash their creativity in a natural setting. With ample opportunities for open-ended exploration and unstructured play, our outdoor classroom nurtures imagination, problem-solving skills, and resilience.

End of Day Meeting: As the day draws to a close, we come together once again. Reflecting on our experiences, we share highlights, discoveries, and moments of gratitude. With hearts full and minds buzzing with newfound knowledge, we bid farewell to another day of learning and adventure in our beloved outdoor classroom.

At Green Adventure Project School, every day is an opportunity to embrace the wonders of nature, cultivate a sense of wonder, and foster a lifelong love of learning. Through hands-on exploration, outdoor play, and meaningful connections with the natural world, children develop the skills, knowledge, and values they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. Join us on this journey of discovery, where the possibilities are as endless as the great outdoors!

Join us as we continue to explore, learn, and grow in the most inspiring classroom of all—the great outdoors.

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